Sunday, December 2, 2007

Thanksgiving on the Oregon Coast

We didn't take any actual pictures of Thanksgiving dinner, but here are some shots from our trip to Oregon for the holiday with the Bickmeier clan on the beautiful coast!

After Jeff and Laura picked us up at the airport we drove down to the beach house; stopping at the museum that holds the Spruce Goose! It really is impressive.
Here's Brian and his brother Jeff waiting for the next flight.
There are lots of other planes there...and a jeep that Brian and Jeff had to check out.

Nice to have a photo of the three Bickmeier siblings together.
Caleb was very brave with the waves, but in the end we all got wet...
...especially Jennifer.

Luke hung out on Uncle Brian's shoulders while on the beach so the waves didn't get him. Hold on!

Some of us kids went on a hike the day after Thanksgiving...trying to work of some of the turkey and cranberry sauce.

A beautiful trail...

Success at the top!
Jeff and Laura.

A nice scene on the way back...we could hear a large group of sea lions barking on the shore.

After returning to Jennifer and Jason's house the "the kids" were able to go and hang out at a local bar for a few hours playing shuffle board. Here are Jennifer and Jason (Brian's sister and brother-in-law), both very determined players.

We had a great was sad when Brian and I had to head back to the airport. We did get in a group shot before we left. Until next time!!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

A pretty sunrise at the University

A sunrise over the Bunnell and Duckering building at UAF, about 9:30am. Winter here is beautiful.

A good day to be inside

Christmas Card Outtakes

We attempted to take a Christmas card photo earlier today. The pups weren't exactly cooperative, but I think we got a good one...eventually. Thanks to Brian's Dad for helping us out!

" need to be right here...Mattie, don't even think chasing that car!"

"Dawson...get back here! Where the heck are you going?! Ouch!!"

"No, I don't have any treats...both of you-look at the camera..."


We had a couple of moose hanging around the neighborhood this weekend- a cow and calf.

Brian's Firefighting Training

Brian went down to Texas last month for some firefighting training with Flint Hills. We just got access to some of the photos. It was very hot for the Alaska guys, especially with all their gear on. Here are some of the best shots. At the beginning of the day, everyone was rested and ready to go. Hoses ready!
One night was devoted to night firefighting...important training when living in Alaska.
Here are the guys pushing back the flames...
Hot, smoky work.
A great shot of the flames.
Yup, that's Brian waiting for the okay to head on in!

By the time the end of the trip came around, everyone was starting to drag. Too much fire and heat. Ready to head back home to cooler temperatures and snow.

Afternoon Sunbeam