Monday, April 30, 2012


When we moved to Iowa I had no freckles. Now I see pictures like this and think, "Apparently no amount of good foundation is going to cover up these sunspots." *Sigh* Our Iowa souvenirs in one photo- Philip and freckles.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

First Birthday Party

Philip's birthday is this coming week, so we had a small party for him on Saturday. Our rental house isn't very big, so even with a handful of people the place was packed. The weather has been lovely, so we decided a cook-out was in order (the first of the year!). There's still some snow on the ground, but it was warm enough for everyone to be outside before dinner (even the dogs- who were running out some cabin fever). Guests included both sets of Grandparents, Uncle Dave, cousins Connor & Wyatt, and Mattie & Dawson (Aunt Jen had to work, but she was there in spirit). Somehow I didn't get any decent pictures of Philip's Grandma and Grandpa Bickmeier, but I know they took a few...hopefully they'll show up on another blog. :)

Smells like summer!
Grandpa Platt (aka my Dad) with Connor. There were admiring the rocks we have in our backyard. Rock hounds, those two.
Grandma Platt (aka my Mom) with Philip.
Mattie was so excited that Wyatt was throwing a tennis ball for her (remember she had knee surgery a few months back and hasn't been running around since last fall) that she accidentally knocked Wyatt into a mud puddle. Dave offers some comfort...
My Dad's birthday was on Friday and Philip was more than happy to share his birthday celebration. Here's Dad's cake with 59 candles.
We lit them all...and Dad even blew them out with one breath (before the smoke alarms went off)! Impressive, right?
And of course the birthday boy! I attempted to make a cake in the shape of a truck that turned out to be a disaster, so Philip ended up with cupcakes. (He didn't seem to mind).
Some babies don't get cake until their first birthday, but Philip has had some practice at other celebrations. He's a pro eating cake.
No problem. 
"How many more of these do you got, Mom?" 
And there were presents, of course. Brian and I got Philip a red Radio Flyer wagon (complete with seat belts and cup holders). I don't have a picture to post, but I imagine it will show up in future blogging. Grandma and Grandpa Platt got Philip some adorable Merrell shoes and a few Carhart outfits (that are just a little big for right now), Grandma and Grandpa Bickmeier got him tub toys, a very fancy Elmo book, and a pillow to match the quilt his Grandma is making him (with pictures of all his aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents). Can't wait to see it! Philip's Grandma is an expert quilter. From his cousins, Philip got lots of summer clothes and a somewhat noisy car/ramp toy (of which I would expect no less from my sister).
Had to put this picture in- a classic expression from my Dad.
By 8:00pm all the kiddos were tired and everyone went home for the night. Shortly thereafter Philip was asleep. The next morning (this morning) Philip crawled into the living room looking for everyone who was there the night before...

"Mom, the balloons are still here, but where's the party? Where did everyone go?" He was a little disappointed. After all, birthday parties are great fun.
Thankfully he perked up when I told him that he would have another birthday next year...and another party!

Thank you to everyone who came to help make Philip's first birthday special!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Drive South

Today we took a drive south to enjoy the sunshine and get out of the house for a few hours. As we suspected the mountains were out and spectacular. I'm not a good enough photographer to do them justice, but here is at least a taste.

This is taken from a high road overlooking the Alaskan Range.
A close-up.
The road home...not green, but plenty of blue to make up for it.
Philip hanging out with Brian...ordering ice cream. :)
It was even warm enough to eat outside in the sun!
Philip tries a bit of Brian's cone.  
Which he thought was a little cold. Brrr.... Got to be a tough kid in this world.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Excuse the snotty nose...

Taking pictures of myself in Philip's sunglasses on our snowmachine ride today. Please excuse the snotty nose- that's what happens on sunny spring rides.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Philip's First Snowmachine Ride

Today Brian and I took Philip for his first snowmachine ride on Brian's new snowmachine. Instead of getting a mountain sled, Brian bought a trail sled with a second (very comfy) seat. "Better to accommodate the entire family", he said.

The temperature was around 45 above today (and we both had the day off), so we all went out cruising around the flood plains. We bundled Philip up and put him in his infant carrier (which is getting a little small).
This was a big adventure for the little guy, but he was very brave...and we didn't go more than 10 or 15mph. It was so nice being out and about in the snow.  He loved it!
The view from the top of the flood plains- clear mountains.  
 My view of the trail.
Brian named the machine"White Lightening" (because she doesn't go very fast, topping out at 60 mph).
I don't think this will be the last time Philip and Brian will go on adventures together.
After we got back home the dogs were pretty sure they needed to go on a walk, so we put Philip in our hiking pack and took the dogs out.
 Brian's view.
What a fun day! And Brian's off for the upcoming weekend...we're hoping the warm temperatures will hold so we can continue to spend time outside playing in the snow.