Saturday, April 26, 2008

Photos of the house from the realtor

Just incase anyone is interested in seeing what our house looks like these days...
Living Room
Dining (taken from loft)

Dawson update and pups in prison

An interesting update on Dawson...he's in good health without surgery. If you'll remember, we thought he had a torn ligament a few months back and would probably need surgery (in Anchorage). Well, he had a vet visit yesterday and she said he's in perfect health. It must have been a "soft tissue" injury that healed with time. How great is that?!

The pups have been spending some kennel time recently because we've had so many people in and out of the house. There have been plenty of people to bark at, but they'd much prefer to be inside sleeping on the carpet. Here they are asking to be let out of prison. Sorry, pups, maybe later...

Thesis Update- I'm Done!

My thesis is officially complete. Written, defended, printed, and handed in. I'm ready to graduate on May 11th. Final page total- 143.

The house is officially on the market!

As of Thursday, our house is officially on the market. We had our first showing this morning. Check it out at

Painting the Kitchen


Our realtor said that my yellow kitchen may not be liked by everyone, so it would be better if we painted over it with white paint before putting the house on the market. Alas...farewell yellow kitchen.

Saturday, April 12, 2008


Here are some photos of Fort Dodge, Iowa, that Brian took while he was there interviewing for the position he has since accepted. They're pretty dark because the weather wasn't great, but they show some of the area.
Here's the company sign.
A photo of the Ammonia Plant.
Heading into Fort Dodge...yup, it's flat and you can see the plant in the background.

Brian cleaning the inside logs

One of the hardships of living in a log house. Here's Brian cleaning the logs that create our vaulted ceiling. He also managed to get the dust off of the ceiling fan. The house goes on the market in two weeks, so we have a lot of work to do to get it ready.

Hmmm... If we just left the fan running, you wouldn't be able to see the dust...

Brian: "Ugh, how did these logs get so dirty?"
Hope: "You know, if we lived in a house with drywall, this wouldn't be an issue." Maybe those top logs aren't as dirty as all the others. This is probably high enough.
Hey there, handsome.

New Pup Photos

Mattie and Dawson are both well, especially with the temperatures rising. Here's a shot of Dawson that really shows off his eyes. Not a mean bone in this dog's body. He's a sweetheart.Here's Mattie, who has been sleeping in sunspots all afternoon. I woke her up to take this photo, so this look is mostly one of annoyance. They were helping Brian dust the inside house logs yesterday. There was a lot of sneezing going on. Here both dogs are watching Brian...they're clearly thinking, "what the heck are you doing?"