Sunday, November 8, 2009

Daniel and Victor's Baptism!

Two weeks ago, Brian and I were finally able to make the trip out to Denver to meet our newest Godsons- Daniel and Victor Wood. I'm going to hold back and not post every baby photo taken, though these boys are cute enough that doing so could easily be justified. We had a wonderful time catching up with Ryan, Louise and their families. Somehow the majority of my baby photos turned out to be of Daniel (not sure why). I'm hoping that I have the captions correct for this post, but Louise and Ryan, you may have to help me out in case their not. When we see the boys together we can totally tell who's who, but separate them and it comes a little more challenging (even though they are fraternal twins).

Here's Daniel (nickname "Bunny") wearing a bunny hat knitted by his Auntie Megan. The boys in their baptismal outfits hanging out their the mom and dad before heading to church. Louise (one hottie of a mom) and Victor.
Grandma Henne and Victor.The baptism set-up. It was a beautiful ceremony. A wonderful reception was held at Maggiano's. These fun centerpieces were made by Daniel and Victor's nanny, Jessica. The food was amazing!Appetizers.
Dessert (my favorite part, of course). And finally, here's Louise's parent's dog Molly. I would be remiss if I didn't include her in this blog post. She's such a good dog!

We can't wait to head back and see everyone again!

The End of Harvest

Things are quieting down in Iowa. After lots and lots of rain, the farmers were finally able to bring in the majority of their crops. The fields around the house were harvested this weekend. With Brian at work (per usual), the dogs and I decided to do some exploring (and to try out my new camera lens). Mattie always has her nose to the ground, trying to finds birds to track. The only thing she did find was a coyote den (that appears to currently be in use). On the left side of the photo you can see the trail they use to get through the barbed-wire fence that separates two fields. We hear coyotes often at night, but didn't realize they lived so close.
On the other hand, Dawson seldom does any tracking. Mostly he runs around kicking up his heels being a goof. A lone stalk that the harvest missed. Our acreage among the bare fields and trees. Yup, we live in the middle of nowhere- it is confirmed.

Devil Dog

Mattie is a calm, smart, sweet pup.That is, until she gets a hold of an apple on our front yard. Then she turns into a devil dog (apparently).

We're back to posting!

We've been away a long time from our blog. Busy schedules, lots of rainy days, some traveling, and camera issues slowed our blogging. With a fixed camera (and a new, more powerful lense), sunshine, and lots of photos, we're back! Sorry for the catch up posting that will occur in the next day or so.