Monday, February 27, 2012

Mirror Images

Like most parents with infants, we have a mirror in the car that allows us to see Philip eventhough he faces backwards. While Brian was in paying our rent today, Philip and I took some photos in our car mirror. We spend a lot of time communicating with each other using this mirror.

This is what I usually see from the front seat- a small image of Philip with his favorite toy train (a gift from Great-Grandma Platt).
"Whatch'ya doin', Mom?"
A small glimpse into our afternoon today.

Monday, February 20, 2012

A whole new world

The last couple of weeks when Philip has come shopping he's been able to sit up by himself in the shopping cart. This is a wonderful development in our lives because it is 1) so much more fun for him and 2) it leaves a whole lot more room in the cart without the carseat.

There's so much to see!
Being a big kid is sweet!          

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sleeping baby

I snuck into Philip's room tonight and snapped a photos of him sleeping. Philip refuses to sleep under his blankets and I'm constantly going in and covering him up through the night. He doesn't wake up, but it makes me wake up thinking he's cold. Because I'm never going to win this fight and layer him as best I can.

If you look closely you can see this kid has some beautiful eye lashes. 
And that little rump is always in the air.
Just when I think he can't get any cuter I take a picture like this. Almost makes me tear up he's such a sweet little one and we are blessed. Lucky us.

Saturday, February 18, 2012


Today Philip and I spent a few hours hanging out with our awesome friend Naomi. Naomi crafts incredible cupcakes and we got to be part of the process. The two cupcakes she created today were a peach cupcake with raspberry whipped cream frosting and a sweet tea cupcake with lemon buttercream frosting. Both were amazing, but the sweet tea was especially inventive and tasty (according to me).
The sweet tea cupcake. Pretty, isn't it?
Philip tries the peach cupcake (with a little help from Naomi showing him how a cupcake should be eaten).
True bakers have their little red books of secret recipes.
And Naomi sent a box of samples home for Brian. I think before he left for work there was only one left. Brian approved!
I'm pretty sure that Naomi is going to end up on "Cupcake Wars". Such talent and such a fun afternoon!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Philip's New Boots

Today was a daddy daycare day. When I asked Brian this morning what he and Philip were going to do for the day, Brian said Philip needed winter boots and he was going to take him to Prospector. Apparently when Philip rides in Brian's truck, his feet get cold (because the truck is parked outside and it has been 40 or 50-below for weeks and weeks). 

So, today Philip got his first pair of Sorel winter boots. Philip wasn't in the mood to model them before he went to bed, so Brian's picking up the slack.
They have plenty of tread for when he's tromping through the snow, snowmachining with his dad.
Aren't they adorable? They're a little big, but there's still plenty of winter to go and he's continuing to get bigger everyday.
I love that Brian's so thoughtful and that the boys are out and about during the day having adventures!