Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lets see what the Stairs look like without carpet!

So, I figured that I should start another home improvement project. Hope doesn't like the carpet on the stairs so I figured I would see whats under it.
First off, here is what the stairs looked like with carpet on it.
Kind of lame, so lets see whats under it.Hmmm, not much better, whats under all those tack strips and foam.
Pure ugly, but at least there is some beat up hardwood to work with at the top.
Not very promising, but thanks to the "This Old House" website I found out how to refinish hardwood. So I am in the process of redoing the stair case. I have only done the top of the stairs until I get the approval of Hope tonight and then the sawdust will fly!
Oh here is what the top landing looks like after the first coat of poly and with some of the trim painted white. When I'm done all the trim in this room will be white..

On an odd note, I thought I heard the faint whimpers of a Jeep saying "when is it my turn?" while I was working on the stairs. Mmm, must have been the wind.


Ryan + Louise said...

I think Ryan is hearing that jeep, too....I know he'd be up for some knuckle bustin'. But you're a way better sport about refinishing stairs than he would be! Good man. Hope will love it.

jenrust said...

Nice work! If i was choosing, I think the wood looks better than the carpet... all your hard work paid off!

jenrust said...
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Jeffus said...

nice job!

jenrust said...

I read facebook rumors that progress has been made on the stair project! Excellent! Now where are the pictures!? :)