Thursday, February 25, 2010

Today I Turn 30

Today I turned 30. Well, Seth and I turned 30. I finally feel like an adult. I've gotten lots of messages and cards- thanks! The parents sent some great gifts. Don and Patsy sent me a rooster wall hanging (beautiful!). My Mom and Dad sent me flowers and chocolate at work. Thank you! We have a busy weekend ahead, so this is a really, really quick post. I'll write more next week, but wanted to get some photos up. :)


Ryan + Louise said...

Happy happy birthday, Hope! Your present from us is going to be late. Maybe Wednesday? What can I say? How about LOVE YOU!!!

Gary Bickmeier said...


I won't make any comments about a womans age. Loved the Drift and Matties tricks. Sent you a couple of emails but haven't heard back have you changed your email address. Drop me a note.

Uncle Gary