Sunday, March 21, 2010

Brian's Birthday

This week Brian turned 31! He's been working a lot of hours, so there hasn't been time for a big celebration, but I did have a cake for him on his birthday. He was pretty exhausted in these photos, but he was trying his best to look excited. Poor guy! We're planning a fun day in Des Moines to celebrate once he gets a day off.


Hope and Brian said...

Going on day 10 without a day off, I wonder what it is like to work Monday through friday 40 hours a week?

Hope and Brian said...

Being a full-time college student doesn't help either, does it? I'm so proud of you for working so incredibly hard! And yes, working a 40-hour week is pretty nice. I'm looking forward to a time when we both have the same work schedule. -Hope

jenrust said...

Happy birthday bro! Super cute picture montage! :) Wish I was around to share a piece of cake with you!