Monday, May 16, 2011

Louise came to visit!

This past weekend Louise came to visit all the way from Denver. She and Ryan have twin boys who just turned 2, so she is all about taking care of little boys. Louise didn't spend much time snuggling with Philip, however, and got right down to cooking after she arrived.

She started by heading outside and harvesting some of our plentiful rhubarb. We now have rhubarb coffee cake in the freezer, along with a strawberry-rhubarb cobbler on the counter and additional bags of rhubarb ready for baking in the freezer. In addition, Louise took our GPS and headed to the grocery store to buy cooking supplies. By the time I got up from a nap, she had completed 3 lasagna, pans of macaroni and cheese, enchiladas, and chicken and rice dishes were going into the freezer. We have enough food to keep us full for many, many meals. We also have some fantastic toffee Louise made, just as a little extra. I'm not sure how long it will last because Brian's pretty smitten by it. So tasty! We did find some time to head to Rustix restaurant for big beers!It was a fast weekend, but so much was accomplished (by Louise).



jenrust said...

awesome! :) All of that food looks so delicious! Three cheers for good friends who can cook!

laura said...

that is one awesome friend! :D

BLT Edmundson said...

Wow -- what an amazing friend to visit and shop/cook/bake for you. Shows what a friend YOU are for her to come and help in such a way! How wonderful! Philip is soo soo cute. I am so happy for you all!