Sunday, September 25, 2011

Guess who's 5 months!

5 months ago we welcomed Philip Scott into our lives. The time since has been joy-filled!

I've been taking a lot of photos of Philip lately, trying to work on lighting and such. I'm hoping during my time as a stay-at-home mom that my photography skills will improve. This is pretty easy to do when you have a cute test subject for photos. I don't know what it is about kiddos in hoods (and bear ears), but it makes my heart melt. Thus, I couldn't resist taking some snapshots of Philip is this outfit. 
Honestly, he always looks this happy! He's a content kiddo. Unless he can't get his fist in his mouth, then he gets somewhat grumpy.
 Don't think those blue eyes are going anywhere.
 Cute, cute, cute.
 Next stop- 6 months (and Alaska)!

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jenrust said...

sweet boy... I think his eyes will stay blue too. I can see a diff in your photos! :) keep working on it! - we should have some sort of weekly "project" I need an excuse to work on things too!