Thursday, November 10, 2011

Our Day

Heard from Brian early this morning. Things were looking "better" after a rough day yesterday and this morning. They've been having tire issues, ice issues, and a suicidal deer. But, they're making progress. If all goes well they may even make it to Watson Lake this evening.

As for us here in Valdez, it was a nice day. Hung out with Mom and Dad for the morning. Then Dad went hunting Ptarmigan, Mom went to work, and Philip and I roamed around the floor. He's getting the hang of crawling and is somewhat hard to contain. Anyway, I talked to some friends, Philip had some snacks, I made quiche for dinner while Philip napped, and then we watched Dad snowplow.

The clouds cleared this afternoon and it was a lovely sunset. Here are a few shots from Mom and Dad's south and east windows.
The quiche is smelling lovely in the oven. Going to be a nice evening, though it would be even better if Brian was here. Can't WAIT for him and Daren to make it to Fairbanks.

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jenrust said...

So beautiful Hope! How was the quiche?