Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas!

For Christmas Eve Brian, Philip, and I headed over to my sister Jen's house to visit with her, her husband Dave, and their twin boys Wyatt and Connor. Jen made a kicker pork roast, complete with twice-baked potatoes. The potatoes were more than worthy to be in a blog post. Yum!
Connor and Wyatt are pretty hard to take pictures of, as they never sit still, but here I got both of them in the frame.  
Mostly Philip watched the festivities. Next year he'll probably be able to keep up with his cousins.
I love this little holiday outfit! Brian thinks it's mean to put Philip is such outfits. I say, what if he's my only son and this is my one chance to have him wear adorable outfits like this?? Besides, he doesn't seem to mind.
Jen is always up for clipping Philip's nails- which is awesome because I hate doing it. Philip was pretty good....
until the end. Philip got sick of the "clipping nails" game. In his defense, it was past his bedtime. Despite these tears, we had a wonderful time. Thanks Jen and Dave!
We had a quiet Christmas at home unwrapping gifts with Philip. Here's a special gift from Great Grandma & Grandpa Platt. Mostly Philip liked eating the wrapping paper, but he actually did tear off most of the paper on this one.
Brian showed Philip the ins and outs of unwrapping gifts. A important skill for any kid.
Playing with some blocks from Grandma & Grandpa Platt.

The gift Philip liked the most was this ball that rolls around, talks, and plays music. He has a great time following it around the floor. Of course, this was just an extra gift I got at the last minute...
Philip got his father a new video game that doesn't have a lot of violence, so they can play it together. All of Brian's other games he can only play while Philip is taking a nap for down for the night. Here's Philip helping Brian figure it out. Think they look related?
Like father, like son (minus the stripped pajamas).
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night! (Sleepy baby, can you tell?)

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April @ Sewing Novice said...

Be careful with that rolling friend's has been known to come to life on it's own. :) Glad you had a nice Christmas but sad Philip is sick now.