Sunday, January 1, 2012

My favorite photos of the year

As I reflect back tonight (New Year's Eve) of the year past, I found so much joy capturing moments with my camera. Adding Philip to the family allowed many new opportunities to experiment (and gave the dogs a much appreciated break from a lens in their faces all the time). So, here are some of my favorite photos of 2011. Not all photos have the best light, focus, or coloring, but they're still my favorites because...well, you'll see. And forgive me, these are not in chronological order.

Love the blue in Philip's eyes in this photo taken in the snow of Valdez.
Somehow the stripes and plaid just really worked in this picture of Don and Philip (Philip is just about a month old). So little, right?
This is a perfect "Philip" expression- showing off his cute little personality, along with the kind face of Uncle Chuck. This was taken in Kalona, IA.
Philip having a nap on Grandma Platt. He looks so comfy and I had a wonderful time when my mom came to visit. I was so sad when it ended, but I cherish the memories we made.
 I love hoods on babies! Don't you?
One of Philip's first attempts eating puffs. "Mom, they're really sticky. Help!"
'Major Cutie', right?
Philip with Great-Grandpa Ouillette on our road trip to CT this summer.  Grandpa was singing softly when I snapped this shot. Philip was so content and happy. It made me happy.
Caleb at the Fort Dodge Fort Museum this summer during the Bickmeier Roadtrip of 2011. His mom was taking a picture outside, but I loved the lightening from the inside. 
I don't have many pictures of Brian that show off the color of his eyes. This is one of them.  And he has a fresh haircut. I have even fewer photos of that, so this I cherish.
And finally, my dog Dawson. He's a beautiful chocolate lab and I love him! This picture makes him look stoic, when really he's a big goofball, but I love him just the way he is. And isn't that what we all want- to be ourselves and be loved for it?
What do you think 2012 has in store? I'll be seeking out more joy.

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Jason said...

These are some beautiful shots Hope! Great work! Brian is so dreamy