Friday, April 6, 2012

Philip's First Snowmachine Ride

Today Brian and I took Philip for his first snowmachine ride on Brian's new snowmachine. Instead of getting a mountain sled, Brian bought a trail sled with a second (very comfy) seat. "Better to accommodate the entire family", he said.

The temperature was around 45 above today (and we both had the day off), so we all went out cruising around the flood plains. We bundled Philip up and put him in his infant carrier (which is getting a little small).
This was a big adventure for the little guy, but he was very brave...and we didn't go more than 10 or 15mph. It was so nice being out and about in the snow.  He loved it!
The view from the top of the flood plains- clear mountains.  
 My view of the trail.
Brian named the machine"White Lightening" (because she doesn't go very fast, topping out at 60 mph).
I don't think this will be the last time Philip and Brian will go on adventures together.
After we got back home the dogs were pretty sure they needed to go on a walk, so we put Philip in our hiking pack and took the dogs out.
 Brian's view.
What a fun day! And Brian's off for the upcoming weekend...we're hoping the warm temperatures will hold so we can continue to spend time outside playing in the snow.

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