Tuesday, June 12, 2012


This week Brian and I started a 10-week weight loss competition. It's been a stressful year (we started packing just about a year ago to leave Iowa), and we have seen 2 new jobs, the finding of daycare, one layoff and rehire, a big move, the selling and buying of a house, a very small rental with 2 large dogs, and some crazy work schedules. We're finally feeling like being settled is on the horizon (insert big sigh here) and we can finally focus on ourselves for a while. Anyway, the goal is to lose the highest percentage of body weight in the 10 week period, with a weekly weigh-in every Monday morning.

The winner gets to pick a weekly prize which includes having the loser 1) clean the bathrooms, 2) wash the dogs, 3) go grocery shopping (my least favorite chore), 4) allowing the winner to sleep in, etc. And at the end there's a big prize! If I win I get a full-day at the spa and if Brian wins he get a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label.

I have no intention of losing any weigh-ins and will be enjoying a spa package come August. In fact, I've already picked it out. (And baked Brian a double batch of Toll House cookies yesterday).

We do have some ground rules, not to worry, which includes not skipping meals and (newly added) not trying to sabotage the competitor.

Who are you putting money on?

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