Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Denali 2012

The Boston Bicks were up for a visit this week and Laura had the excellent idea to spend a day in Denali. We hadn't been out of Fairbanks since our move up in November and my work has been very busy and stressful this summer, so Brian and I thought it would be a much needed break (although I probably should have spent the day in the office). So we packed up some snacks, the Kelti pack for Philip, the dogs and off we went!

Brian was a champ hauling Philip around on our hikes. It was a little windy in this picture, kinda felt like we were back in Iowa.
One of our hiking trails, complete with moose poop.
The Bickmeier men stopped to read every trail sign. Mattie came along, but actually wasn't feeling very well. We ended up taking her to the vet the next day (after she looked like death was almost upon her), and she's doing much better. Once again a dog with "Garbagitis" and consequently a very upset tummy.
Laura and Ada check out the Savage River. Ada was a trooper and did just as much hiking as the adults.
Philip was also a happy baby most of the time, despite it being a little cold on our first hike.
Denali Park is as beautiful as always! 
 "Green" (Philip's blanket) came along on our second hike.
My view. Not too shabby! 
I came upon this cluster of Bicks after Brian, Philip, and I caught up with the rest of the pack. We tried to have Philip take a nap in his carseat, but he didn't want to be left behind from the rest of the group.
And so we hiked. 
 And saw a very bold arctic ground squirrel who seemed pretty fond of Ada.
Some of the Bickmeier men...Karl was back in the car with Grandma taking a nap.
 Laura and Ada leading the pack.
And Don and Jeff brought up the rear.
 By the end of the hike (an hour or so), Philip wasn't holding his head so high.
Good thing we brought his blanket, it made for an excellent pillow for his nap. Fresh air- it does everyone good. Zzzzzz..........

Ahhhh, nothing quite like Alaskan scenery.
Summer in Alaska with awesome visitors- a delight!


Anthony said...

They say Texas is God's country but I think it's really Alaska! :)

Just for the fun and disappointment of it, I looked up what it would cost for us to come visit you...but it would take multiple thousands of dollars just to get there, whether we flew, drove, or took a ship. Alaska is a long way away!

Hope said...

Anthony- agreed on the distance comment, but you are always, always welcome. And I appreciate your Texas comment a bunch. :)