Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Philip's first real word (after Mama and Dada) is truck. I thought it might be "dog" or "Mattie" or "cup", but nope, it's "Truck!" When we go into his room in the morning the first thing he says is "Truck!". The same is true when he gets up from a nap, during meal times, bath time, and play time. "Truck, Truck, Truck!"

Whether he's at daycare or home, he spends the majority of his day pushing a truck around on the floor. When we go shopping he has a matchbox truck in his hand, proudly switching it back and forth describing it "Truck, Truck, Truck."
When we're in his room reading books on the floor, he won't sit still for any books unless it has pictures of trucks in it. (So, Laura, "Little Blue Truck" is incredibly popular.) He points to every picture of a truck and explains "Truck!" He's very proud of this skill.
So, I'm pretty sure that we have a future diesel mechanic on our hands. Brian has been trying to get him more interested in jeeps than trucks, but so far his dad's efforts have been unsuccessful. "Jeep" seems so much more difficult.


Anthony said...

Sounds like Ethan, who can spend hours pushing his matchbox cars around. When we were on our driving vacation last year (when he was 2), he announced every single semi-truck we saw with, "Big truck!"

jenrust said...

great photos to capture "truck!" :)
Enjoying seeing Philip get bigger and bigger!

laura said...

he is a total boy! i think karl said tractor before mama, so at least you got that. :P