Thursday, May 23, 2013


Last weekend the Alaska Railroad held their annual open house. This was the first year that Philip was old enough to be excited, so we were excited to have this little adventure with him. We're also planning a train ride to Denali later this summer, so we wanted to make sure that he liked being on a train and wasn't scare. He LOVED it!

I commented on how nice the Railroad keeps their train cars. Brian said that the ones coming into the Refinery aren't nearly as nice. I suppose they were trying to impress, but everything was clean and polished so it sparkled!
There were free 15 minute train rides- Philip was SO excited.
 And spent most of the time staring out the window.
 Even though he had seen the route 100 times by car. I guess everything is more exciting when you're on a train.
Waiting for the conductor to make his way down the aisle, as he greeted all the families.
 Here's Philip looking a lot like is Grandpa Bickmeier. It any be how Brian did Philip's hair that morning (I was working).
A wonderful family afternoon! Can't wait for our trip to Denali in June! 

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