Sunday, July 8, 2007

1st Anniversary!

Today Brian and I are celebrating our first wedding anniversary! We decided to have a relaxing day at home. We went to church in the morning, took the dogs for a walk to Chena Lakes when we got home (for some stick-fetching), and then settled in for some coffee and wedding cake. My bridesmaid Louise did an excellent job wrapping the top of our cake, so it was still moist. We had many fond memories of our special day and want to thank everyone who was there. Tonight we're going to have dinner at the Valada.


Katharine said...

One year already! Yay! Dawson is a cutie. How did you pick that name?

Brian & Hope said...

Thanks! Time does fly. We named Dawson after one of our favorite towns in Canada-- Dawson City. Dawson City is an old gold rush city that now is a tourist trap. We make the 7-hour drive every Memorial Day weekend to celebrate the start of summer. Having a pup named Dawson reminds us that summer is always just around the corner!

A Gift of Hope Adoptions said...

congrats hope! someday, oh someday i will meet brian. i suppose i had a good excuse and all (which btw, means david is 1 now) but we did think of you on your wedding day.