Sunday, July 15, 2007

Lazy Sunday

Brian and I seldom have a weekend together, but for the last two days we've been able to enjoy each others' company. I'm heading to Chicago on Wednesday for 10 days of work conferences, so it is nice to have some time together before I leave. When we got up this morning for an early church service (we attend the First United Methodist Church in Fairbanks...where we got married last summer), we were greeted by a beautiful rainbow. "An excellent way to start a Sunday", we thought.
In the afternoon the weather cleared up, so we went to Pioneer Park to visit the ducks and ducklings.
Then we had brunch at the Pump House with Brian's folks and had a special toast for Brian's brother Jeff- who celebrated a birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEFF!!! We realized about 7:00 pm Alaska time that we had of course missed our window of opportunity to call (drat!). Sorry Jeff, but we were thinking about you!!!

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Jeffus said...

Glad you two enjoyed your weekend and thanks for the B-day toast wishes. About missing calling me... my phone does work the other 364 days a year ;)