Sunday, October 28, 2007

I'm currently in New Orleans for a conference with a co-worker and friend, Lael. We started the day by eating bengneits in a quaint cafe. Bengneits are fried dough...that are very, very yummy! We had the day off and did some shopping...and then checked out Bourbon Street. I think we may have been the only sober ones there...we did, however, manage to find some very tasty "Hurricanes"...the local favorite drink. With Halloween next week there were lots of people in costumes. Here is a photo of me with a drink on Bourbon street. While Lael was taking my photo a few folks dressed by took the opportunity to jump into the shot. Lael and I bought boas so that we would fit in too!! We're having great fun. We'll see how fun the conference is.

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Elizabeth said...

i think the boa makes you look quite saucy, hope ;)