Monday, October 8, 2007

we've made a decision

We decided today that perhaps we've been posting too many photos of our dogs. For fear that those of you reading this blog might think we don't have lives beyond our pets, we're going to make an effort to post more exciting photos of ourselves. Guess we need to start finding blog-worthy activities in the coming weeks.

Brian offered to go and purchase a new truck for the sake of this blog (that is, so he could post a photo of it)...and before I could give my opinion on the matter, he said that we should leave it up the opinion of our audience.

I still don't think he'll be buying a new truck anytime soon.


April said...

I like seeing the puppies.

jenrust said...

Puppies = Adorable and cute. I enjoy pictures of your four legged family members!

Brian and Hope = FUN! Me and The Three Little Rusts enjoy checking up on what you both are doing!

Loving *all* the posts - keep it up! And Brian ... good luck with the new truck. :)
- Your big Sis.

A Gift of Hope Adoptions said...

ummm, hope, there can never be too many puppy pics. the alternative is to have a baby and post baby pics. so which are you up for?

Mom & Dad said...

I enjoy hearing about and seeing the dogs too. Keep them in the blog.

ginny said...

I have a picture of Wrangler in EVERY single post I make on my blog. I love puppies young and old!