Sunday, March 30, 2008

Another Thesis Update

Not as exciting as a new addition to the family, but I just handed in my second thesis draft to my thesis Chairman- Dr. Robert Arundale. Bob is a gem and has been very, very patient with me and my 130 page (far-cry-from-a) masterpiece. I have found the topic (Significant Weight Loss in Women) to be very interesting, though the stress and time spent sitting at a computer working on this project has helped me to put on about 15 pounds. At least I'll get a Masters out of it.

I should get the draft back tomorrow morning and will make final revisions before it goes to committee tomorrow afternoon. I'm suppose to defend this Thursday, so time is short!

I'm feeling like a student!


Jeffus said...

Hang tough, you're almost there! Just keep thinking about the chickens you'll have this summer. ;)

jenrust said...

How did it go? Waiting for the outcome!