Monday, March 10, 2008

Hope's 28th Birthday Party

My folks were in town for my birthday weekend, so we had a little gathering at our house. Brian was out of town (on the Tok to Dawson snowmachine run), so it was nice to have some company. Too bad that Seth (my twin brother) and his family couldn't come. Maybe we'll be together next year.

Tammy and Beth made yummy, fun cupcakes.

Beth (my niece) helped me blow out my candles. Make a wish!

I got another book on how to raise chickens! (which I'm planning on doing once we move to the Lower 48).

Here's William (my nephew) and Mom hanging out eating watermelon.

Tammy and Beth.

Jen, Nate and Dave (not shown) had fun with Brian's Nintendo Wii.

It was a fun day!

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