Monday, September 1, 2008

Picking our first apples

This weekend Brian and I picked the first apples from our own orchard. We don't have a ladder yet, so Brian climbed one of the trees to get the best apples from the top.They were still a little tart, but were delightful with some sharp Vermont cheddar and a bottle of local raspberry wine. We had our own little picnic on the side yard...Mattie and Dawson were, of course, invited to hang out in the sunshine.The pups have decided their favorite fall pastime is to sit under the apple trees and munch away until they get tummy aches.
Happy fall!


Becky said...

Hi Hope! Got to your blog from Ryan & Louise's. Can I post it on my blog as well? Would be a great way to keep up with each other... let me know! :)

Ryan + Louise said...

We're SO IN. I'm SO FRUSTRATED that the Bickmeiers are doing fun things and the Woods are doing fun things but we're not doing them TOGETHER. Can't wait til October!!!

Mom and Dad said...

What kind of apples are the green ones? Wish I was there to help.