Sunday, September 21, 2008


We discovered termites in our back shed last week, so Brian started spraying right away. Since doing so, we haven't seen any on or around the building. Nice work Brian! This is the only part of our property that isn't insured, and Brian just bought another Jeep (soon to be blogged), so I think he's pretty worried about the structure. We negotiated that he could purchase as many Jeeps as he wanted (within financial reason), but he's not allowed to have vehicles on cinder blocks or under blue tarps in the yard...everything must be in a building. Thus, this building is critical to his expanding Jeep collection.
These are also good shots of Brian in his sexy work coveralls.


jenrust said...

Nice coveralls little bro!

Did the termites come back?

Mom and Dad said...

Couldn't help but notice your mask....OR was that notice there was no mask? Hope you got rid of the termites.