Saturday, December 6, 2008

Holiday Party!

Last night was Brian's company's holiday party. His plant in Alaska threw an amazing party every year, so we were excited to see how this one would be. We had a really nice time. This is a much smaller plant than the one in Alaska, so the party was smaller too. It was held at the Cellar restaurant in Fort Dodge, which is known to have good steak. We both had ribeyes, so we can confirm that the food is tasty. As usual Brian (the luckiest guy in North America) won a door prize- a $50 gift certificate to Walmart. There was even entertainment...a hypnotist...who had a very amusing show. Brian worked days both yesterday (the day of the party) and today (the day after), so we didn't have too much fun and were in bed by 10:00pm. Brian's such a trooper!

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