Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Looking back at 2008 and ahead to 2009

Happy New Year to all! To celebrate the ending of an old year and the starting of a new one, Brian and I thought we would recap our most memorable moments of 2008.

10. Got rid of the juicer! (Congratulations, Jen!)
9. Bought a jeep (2 actually)
8. Taught Mattie the best trick ever

7. 2008 brought us two new neices- Gabrielle Platt and Ada Bickmeier
6. Flew to Denver (from Alaska) for a Billy Joel concert 5. Built a chicken coop4. Sold a house...bought a house
3. Started 3 new jobs (between the 2 of us)

(Sorry, we don't have any photos of interest to post here. That and we don't really want to talk about that third job...)

2. Hope finished her Master's Degree
1. Moved to Iowa!! (We still have a hard time believing it!)
Onward to 2009 and lots more adventures!


April said...

What an eventful year! I might have to steal your post idea and do the same thing!

Ryan + Louise said...

I was thinking about that concert the other day. BRILLIANT. We miss you two.

Jeffus said...

what! Billy Joel is ranked higher than Ada! I demand a recount!