Sunday, January 18, 2009

Playing in the snow

Mattie and Dawson LOVE playing in the snow. Having them run through snowdrifts is a great way to tire them out quickly. It was pretty dark when we took these photos, but you can still tell how happy the pups are. Here's a photo of one of the snow drifts in the yard. There are some as tall as Brian. This particular drift collected in the garden in front of our composting area.

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Joel and Katy said...

Oh I miss snow! We get like a 1/4 inch down here and everyone freaks out. It's pretty entertaining. Although, I do love snow days. That's something I never had growing up in AK. My dogs tried playing in our dusting of snow that we got, but it was clear that they were a bit disappointed... I'm sure they would have loved a little snowy wrestling match with Dawson and Mattie!!! Hope you guys are doing great.