Thursday, January 1, 2009

Finally...good chinese food

Brian and I set out for Des Moines yesterday in search of good Chinese food. Dining options are limited in the Fort Dodge area, thus we felt the need to make the 2 hour drive south. PF Changs is one of my favorite restaurants and Brian had never been. The Mongolian Beef was excellent, as was the Lo Mein and Chicken Lettuce Wraps. Here's a photo of my by one of the big horse statues by the restaurant. After dinner we hit the Brass Armadillo- the largest antique mall in Iowa. It was lots of fun!


April said...

Everyone seems to really like PF Changs but when we went I wasn't thrilled. It wasn't bad but I have other Chinese restaurants that I like better. I guess I will just have to give it another shot! We have a good Chinese buffet here in town but are looking for one that delivers. LAZY! haha

jenrust said...

Not counting Pagoda in North Pole, PF Changs is my all time fave! :) Lettuce wraps are yum, as well as the chicken double pan fried noodles. We have one just five min. from our house! We will have to go if you guys come this way to visit! :)

Jeffus said...

Never been to one before but not long after this post I caught an episode of "The Phantom Gourmet", a restaurant review show. In this episode they were reviewing their favorite and least favorite chain restaurants. After they referred to PF Changs as FU Changs I knew I had to go check the place out!!!