Friday, February 6, 2009

Catching Up...

Okay, I've been a really, really bad blogger this last few weeks. Thus, I have a lot of things to catch up on. I think the easiest thing is to put them all in one post. So, I hope no one gets whiplash reading this entry. It's going to change to different topics pretty quickly. Hold on!

First, the drifts outside of our house reached their highest point a few weeks ago. Here's a photo of Brian at the summit of an 8 foot drift in our backyard (maybe we shouldn't have cut down so many of the bushes in the we know what they were there for!).
Second, Brian and I are members of the First United Methodist Church in Fort Dodge. We spend quite of bit of time volunteering with the youth group there. Two weeks ago we chaperoned a trip to Des Moines for a Christian music festival called Winter Jam. There were some great acts including Barlow Girl and Toby Mac. Here's Brian and I at dinner before the concert. And here's a shot from the arena. A pretty big crowd! We had a great time.

And finally, our next door neighbors had their granddaughters over to build an igloo last weekend. They had us over to spend some time in it (it was, by the way, very, very impressive) and for hot chocolate and cookies. We couldn't ask for better neighbors! Here's a photo of Brian and I...and one of the two girls and me. It made Brian and I feel like we were back in Alaska!

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jenrust said...

This is so cool~

We would never have enough snow for an igloo!