Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Visiting Seth and Michelle

Brian was out of town this weekend (doing the Tok to Dawson City snowmachine run), so I took the opportunity to visit Seth, Michelle, and the kids. We did LOTS of fun things! (And by lots I mean 5...here they are in no particular order.)

1. Cooked some of the shrimp that Mom and Dad had brought with them during their last visit. Yup, these are bona fide Valdez, Alaska shrimp! The kids LOVE them. James and Harmony ate pretty much the entire pot. Here's Seth (my twin brother for those who haven't met him) being the master chef. Beautiful, aren't they?

2. We had a birthday party for Gabby (she turned 1) and Seth and me (we turn 29 on 2/25). James helped to pick out a very large strawberry cheesecake from the Cheesecake factory (good job, James!). It was very, very tasty. Happy Birthday!

3. Michelle, Harmony, Gabrielle and I went shopping (and to a photo shoot for Gabrielle's 1st birthday) while the boys stayed at home. Here's Gabby being her cute self- complete with bear ears! I love little kids in bear ears. And Harmony and Gabrielle chillin' in the stroller. They were very good.
4. We went to an aquarium! Seth had to stay home to do homework, but Michelle the kids and I had a great time. Here's James and Harmony watching a very big turtle heading up for a breath of air. The kids have been to the aquarium a bunch of times, but this was the first time they saw the turtle move (he's a very lazy turtle). I caught James and Harmony hanging out with this funny frog. We watched some river otters play around in their big habitat and be fed dead mice (yuck). There was a bird habitat where they give you cups of sugar water and the parrots will come right down and drink from your cup. Michelle was patient (and brave) enough to get this bird to sit on her finger. I thought she was going to get pooped on, but she didn't. The older kids got a kick out of it, but Gabby preferred to keep her distance. James' favorite exhibit is the shark petting tank. Both he and Harmony were very brave about petting the sharks as they swam by. Harmony was about ready to jump in and swim right along with them!

5. We played some dominoes, hung out, and had some great conversations. Gabby is going to be a great dominoes player- I can tell.
A conversation with James:

James: "Hey Aunt Hope!"
Aunt Hope: "Yeah, James?"
James: "Ya know, Pluto used to be a planet."
Aunt Hope: "Really?"
James: "Yup, but then it got degraded to just being a big rock."
Where do they learn this stuff? I'm pretty sure I didn't know about planets and big rocks when I was four!
It was a short visit and before too long I had to head back home. Thanks for letting me come hang out guys! I'll be back soon!!

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April said...

Looks like you had a great time!!

Happy Birthday, I hope you have a great day!