Saturday, January 16, 2010

Another Blizzard

Last week we had another blizzard here in Iowa. The college where I work was closed for two days, so I had a very long weekend. Brian, of course, had to work and took on the elements during his commute. Thankfully we didn't lose power, but our Internet was knocked out for the better part of a week.

Here's my car getting buried by a drift.And Brian being a sweetie by digging my car out of said drift after he got home from work. Once the storm was over I wasn't sure how I was going to get out of the driveway (with Brian working and my car being much lower to the ground than his truck.) However, our awesome neighbor Ken came and snowblowed me out with his tractor and then this nice state snowplow came and pushed back all the piles at the end of the drive. I thought he was just being nice, but it turned out the snowplows wanted to turn around in our driveway. Since the storm ended and the -40 wind-chill temperatures are gone it has been very nice outside. The dogs and I have had fun playing in the snow. Here's Mattie and me posing on top of a snowdrift in the backyard. Our puffin, as you can see, is also enjoying the snow.
This is Dawson not wanting to cooperate. Mostly he just wanted to run around and burrow through the snow- not have his picture taken. This photo does do a nice job of showing how high the drifts are- about 12 feet and solid. One a final note, here are a few brief letters addressed to the next season:
Dear Spring,
As much as we like winter and snow, please feel free to come early and chase away any additional blizzards. They really are lame.
Hope and Brian Bickmeier
Dear Spring,
Please don't listen to Hope and Brian. We love winter! Snow is great- and when you get thirsty you can just eat some of it. We found a frozen bunny this week in the field. Guess it wasn't strong enough to survive the cold. We brought it to Hope, but she didn't seem to want it. She kept hiding it from us, but we always managed to find it and bring it back. What a fun game! We're hoping to eat it one of these days when Hope isn't looking.
We also like all this snow because the drifts are higher than our dog fence, so we can escape whenever we're let out. This works well, because then we can go find the hidden bunny. Granted Hope and Brian seem to get mad and call our names a lot, but they are always happy when we come back, so I guess we're okay.
Anyway, stay away as long as you'd like. We'll keep our owners busy playing in the snow while you're gone. Sometime we have to whine at them for hours, but eventually they always take us outside to romp in the snow. What would they do without us?
Mattie and Dawson

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Ryan + Louise said...

AWESOME. You guys sure know how to find winter.... maybe Brian is some sort of snow god and just doesn't know it????