Friday, January 1, 2010

More Christmas Visits

On the way home from Seth and Michelle's, Brian and I stopped at Grandma Baylor's house to visit her, her husband Steve, and Brian's parents who were down visiting from North Pole.

Brian and his Dad spent some time re-stringing Grandma's ukulele.Brian was getting pretty good by the time we left.
One thing on Brian's "to-do" list was to eat at Monical's pizza. He remembers eating there as a kid...which might be why he's such a pizza-hound now that he's all grown up.
Brian was a little nervous that he would be disappointed and that the pizza wouldn't be as good as he remembered it. Thankfully, it was delicious.Steve and Grandma. Brian's Mom and Dad. I didn't take any photos, but we also spent an afternoon with Aunt Sharon (Don's sister), her husband Chuck, and their daughter Christy. Christy just bought a new house, which we got to see. Its really nice. We also did a bit of antiquing with them, which was a ton of fun. We have to do more the next time we're together!
A very nice visit- we hope to be back soon!


jenrust said...

Check out January 6th... on

Your Iowa bounty was enjoyed. :)


Hope and Brian said...

Thanks for the link, Jen! I'm so glad that the squash found a good home in some tasty soup. I'm starting to get my seed catalogs in for next year, so I have big plans for a new crop!