Friday, July 2, 2010

Back to the North (Part IV: Fairbanks)

One of the most exciting things we did in Fairbanks was spend time with our new nephews Connor and Wyatt (sons of Jen and Dave). The boys are adorable and good natured.

Here's Wyatt.
and his big brother Connor.
Their mother is as delicate as ever. Here she is daintily eating a falaffel.
Although we got sick during our time in Fairbanks and weren't able to do as much visiting as we wanted, I did make it to a Family Funday Sunday dinner (just like old times when 3 of my siblings are my parents were living in Fairbanks). My sister-in-law Tammy made a kicker dinner complete with baklava. Impressive!Our niece Bethany (Nate and Tammy's daughter)...and her brother William. Both had gotten so big in the two years that we've been gone!
The two days before we left, Brian's brother Jeff, his wife Laura, and their daughter Ada arrived from Boston. It was great to spend some time with them before we left. Laura, Ada and I went to the Large Animal Research Station (LARS) at UAF to visit the musk ox and caribou.Laura and Ada walking down the path to the animals. A friendly musk ox munches on willow. A hungry caribou does the same.Ada playing in the grass...
...and on a tractor.

Our last evening while staying at Don and Patsy's (Brian's parents) we make coconut shrimp for dinner (that Mom and Dad sent up from Valdez). The shrimp was mighty tasty when pared with an Alaskan White......and some exceptional blue cheese provided by Jeff and Laura. What a tasty way to end our visit! Thank you to everyone who showed us hospitality! We were sorry that we weren't able to visit with everyone, but we will be back again before too long. See you all again soon!

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