Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Quick weekend at Seth & Michelle's

After getting in from Alaska, I hopped a quick flight over to see Seth and Michelle for the 4th of July weekend. Brian stayed home to work and take care of the dogs. My flight got in about 11:30 am, so after everyone picked me up we went to Friendly's for lunch. I haven't been to Friendly's in years. The ice cream was just as I remembered.

Gabby thought it was pretty tasty. James got a huge "volcano" sundae!Harmony and I got the same kind of sundae- that girl has got good taste. After lunch we spent a quite day hanging out at the house, which I almost didn't recognize. Seth and Michelle have been going nuts with projects. They've landscaped the front and back yards, put in a patio, put down a new dining room floor, painted, built a closet, took out a fire place, etc., etc.. The list is almost endless. I was impressed to say the least.

I think my visit gave Seth and Michelle a small excuse to take at least a few hours off from their projects. This is Seth taking a break- something that hasn't happened much in the last 8 months since purchasing their house. Seth and Michelle just got back from a trip of their own to Niagara Falls where they spent a few days with Mom and Dad, Becky and Noah, Lily, David, Megan and Michael (their cousins). Everyone had a great time at Niagara. There Harmony got her new best friend "Peachy" the Raccoon. The weekend weather was almost perfect, so we spent a lot of time outside. Here James found a robin learning to fly in one of their peach trees. The little bird was resting before taking another quick flight. He didn't seem to mind James getting a close look. Seth and the kids on their outdoor swing.
Gabby. Harmony. Look what James learned to do in gymnastics! Gabby on the swing.
For lunch (when Michelle wasn't looking), Seth made banana sandwiches. Yum! A taste of our childhood on par with the Fluffernutter. White bread, butter, banana, and a bit of sugar.
There were also some tasty pina coladas. And a water balloon fight... ...that turned into Michelle getting thrown into the kids' pool... ...and Seth going down with her!Everyone got wet... ...even Aunt Hope. The weekend went so fast. It seemed like I just got there and it was time to go home. But before I left we took a few family photos.

Say cheese! Hugs for Aunt Hope! Still don't look much like twins, do we? Seth and Michelle. Oh yeah, and on the way to the airport we stopped at the store and picked up...FLUFF!Thanks Seth and Michelle for a great weekend! Wishing you all the best in the year ahead...and plenty of prayers.

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