Sunday, December 12, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

With Christmas right around the corner, we decided it was probably time to update our blog with our Thanksgiving outing. Brian and I have both been working a lot, so Brian suggested we go out for Thanksgiving rather than making a big meal at home (which would require washing a lot of dishes). I thought this was an excellent idea, so I found an advertisement in the local newspaper for a B&B that serves Thanksgiving dinner.
Halderwood Farms, outside of Pocahontas, IA.
This B&B has taken a centennial barn and turned it into a banquet hall- that's where dinner was served.
The inside was really nice and the buffet was tasty. Brian ate lots of stuffing- I concentrated on the mac and cheese. We had reserved seating- just like in a fancy restaurant. A nice lady that we sat with took this slightly fuzzy photo of us. Sometimes a point and shoot camera would come in handy...Fun times in central Iowa! We missed being with family, but were happy to be together, enjoying a new experience.

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