Saturday, June 18, 2011

Des Moines Farmers' Market

Today Mom, Brian, Philip and I took an early drive down to Des Moines for the downtown Farmers' Market. This is a huge market with lots of fresh produce, local craftsmen, and entertainment. Philip said he was up for the adventure, so we all headed south!

The Market takes place downtown in front of the courthouse. A nice backdrop for sure. The temperature was a nice 73 degrees thanks to an overcast sky. Brian was on stroller detail. He's really embraced this whole dad thing. Thankfully Philip has a laid-back personality (probably gets that from his Dad), so even after a 2-hour car ride he was happy to be pushed around the crowded market. "Let's go!" Well, happy for the most-part. Eventually he started asking when we were going to stop for a we took a bottle break. Which was good because it also turned out he needed a diaper and outfit change. The highlight of the morning was probably this group of belly dancers entertaining the crowd......or maybe this toothless senior belly dancer who danced with two live snakes around her neck! It was especially interesting when said snakes got caught in her hair and she needed a fellow dancer's help to get them unwrapped. *shutter* Not to worry, she continued to dance through the whole thing- pretty impressive, actually. Brian tried some chocolate-covered bacon. Now he can cross it off his "bucket list." He said it was actually pretty tasty- sweet and salty. We were happy to be home after a tiring morning of shopping and driving...and there may have been some gourmet cupcakes (and Iowa coffee- not shown) purchased that made a lovely end to the day.Also not shown are the purchased tomatoes, cucumbers, cauliflower, peaches, mint (for mojitos) and fresh bread. An excellent Saturday spent together!

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jenrust said...

Happy Fathers day! :) Can't wait to see you guys!