Monday, June 27, 2011

Storm Damage

Last night a big thunderstorm with high winds hit our area. When Brian went downstairs to head off to work this morning around 4:45am, I heard him say, "What the heck?" Not hearing anything else I went back to sleep. After I got up at a reasonable hour I noticed the deck was strewn with gill pieces. Brian sent me a text that said The grill was upside down on the deck this morning so I flipped it back over. Thinking that was a bad sign, I took a walk around the property and discovered that the top of one of our trees had snapped off and smashed into our dog kennel. Thankfully the dogs were inside, so there were no injuries. However, I'm pretty interested to see how Brian is going to fix this one. It did a good number on the fencing. Does homeowners insurance cover kennel damage?On a brighter note, we do own a chainsaw and at least it wasn't a tornado. I feel that living in Iowa can be hazardous to your health.

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jenrust said...

Wow... glad the puppies are ok. Jason is hoping for a good thunderstorm when we are visiting. I am with you - I could do without any tornadoes.