Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bickmeier/Rust Summer Visitors!

Last week we had the pleasure of having the Rust family from Oregon (Brian's sister's family), the Boston Bicks (Brian's brother's family), and Brian's folks visiting. It was a blast having everyone together and having all the cousins hanging out. Summer is a fun time in Iowa.

The kiddos had fun catching fireflies (and were expects at it by the time they left). Here's Luke showing off his catch.

And Cate investigating her firefly lantern. Cate with her mom Jennifer. I think this picture shows how much alike they look alike. We had to take the family to Rustix in Humbolt, IA for a pork tenderloin sandwiches. We've tried to take Jeff and Laura before, but always seemed to be foiled. We finally made it this time, but didn't see the pork tenderloin on the menu. Thankfully the chef made an exception. (Phew! Brian thought he might be tarred and feathered if we couldn't actually get them).

Jeff and Brian washed their sandwiches down with a big beer.Karl had his first big beer too!Here's a picture of all the cousins together- Caleb, Philip, Cate, Ada, Luke, and Karl. Not all smiles, but all together. :)Caleb did a great job holding baby Philip. They were buddies. The Bickmeiers are avid croquet players. Unfortunately things got a little heated and Jeff and Jason had to battle each other.After the battle was over Laura led the way to the Fort Dodge Fort Museum. This is a picture of our sticker pass to get into the museum (which is a series of small historic houses in addition to the fort itself and a nice display of antique items from the area). The gang getting started to go through some of the houses. Jason, Jeff, Karl, Patsy, Laura, Jennifer, Brian, and Philip (in the stroller).Caleb got to see what a one room school house looks like. And the kiddos got to ride this blue horse.Caleb poses for a photo for his mom through the window. I caught him from the inside of the building. The Boston Bicks- ready to go!Karl's a cutie with his rosey cheeks. The kids got a little rowdy, so they were put into the county jailhouse at the museum.Patsy enjoyed the whole family being together.

Eventually the fun ended in Iowa and we all headed to Illinois for the annual Baylor Wiener Roast (Brian's mom's side of the family). On the way the Rust family and Brian and I stopped in Galena, IL for lunch. We've been to Galena before, though it is always a treat to stop there. The downtown is a lot of fun with many, many cute little shops. We stopped at Gobbies' Pizza for lunch. Jennifer and Cate at lunch.
Most photos from the Wiener Roast to follow!

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