Sunday, February 17, 2008

Christmas in New England: Part 2

After spending some time with the Platts, we then had some wonderful times with the Ouillettes. It was so nice catching up!

We played some great games of Parcheesi...turns out that Grandpa is a Parcheesi shark.

Brian won some money at the casino...and as it turns out, you're not allowed to take photos in the casino. We got scolded, but managed to keep the shot! And...Grandpa let us stop at Aremonie's on the way home for pasteries and coffee. Yum!!!

We inspected some of Grandpa's new stonewalls (which are very, very impressive)...

It was too cold to play horseshoes, but we wished that we could...

And, of course, stayed in the Beer Room.

What a lovely B&B- Thank you! Can't wait to come back!

Oh yeah...and we made a new squirrel friend :)

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