Sunday, February 17, 2008

The cold has finally broken!

It has been extremely cold here in North Pole the last month or so...30 to 50 below zero. The past few days have finally warmed up to above zero temperature (yippee), so the dogs and I have had some very nice walks this weekend. They've had some terrible cabin fever, but I think I've finally tired them out...they're both snoozing up here with me in the loft.
Dawson loves the snow. We call him our "mole" because he constantly burrows under the snow rather than walking through it. You can tell he does this because his face is always covered in snow. I suppose it doesn't help that the snow comes up to about his shoulders, but he would spend the entire day outside if his paws didn't get quite so cold. Poor pup!

Mattie isn't quite so keen on the white stuff, but she loves racing Dawson through the snow. She's ready for the ice to thaw so she can be back swimming and retrieving. I suppose it's nice that we have one dog that like summer and another who prefers winter. I think that Dawson got the better end of the deal with us living in Alaska.

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jenrust said...

The puppies are all grown up! I am glad you post the pictures... it is fun to see their little personalities.