Sunday, February 17, 2008

Christmas in New England: Part 3

After visiting with all the grandparents, we traveled north to see Becky and Noah and their four kids- Lily, David, Megan and Michael. We had lots and lots of fun (and ate a lot of Dunkin Donuts and drank a lot of Dunkin Donuts coffee).

Lily is growing up fast! She has hair just like her mom.

David always smiles and is very helpful. hard to get a good photo of...
he's always on the move.

And Megan is a little bit shy, but beautiful!

I loved how their Christmas tree was decorated...everything just out of reach of little hands. I helped Becky take the tree down the day after Christmas...just like our mother used to do.

The boys got haircuts while we were there. Becky is very talented at haircuts, especially when they involve a squirming child.
We all took a bit of time before we left to do some sledding, but Becky was the one who had the most fun. She was a sledding ANIMAL.

We stayed at a very nice Bed & Breakfast down the road from Becky and Noah's house called Stonewall Farms. We were greeted by three labradors when we arrived. What a nice surprise! It made us miss Mattie and Dawson a bit.

The bathroom was especially quaint.

We were sad to leave! Can't wait to come back!

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