Monday, July 7, 2008

Back to Alaska and Jen's Wedding!

I'm not sure where to start with this blog post. I traveled back to Fairbanks this past week for my sister Jennifer's wedding. She married an very nice guy named David Gehrke. Brian wasn't able to come because of his work schedule. I missed him a lot, but was very happy to be able to get back north to be with the family. I stayed on campus in an apartment (thanks, Nate) with Becky and Lily who arrived on Tuesday (I flew in on Monday). Mom, Dad, Grandma and Grandpa Platt drove up on Thursday. Mom and Dad from Valdez and Grandma and Grandpa with an RV from Anchorage (after flying from CT).

Becky and Lily were up really, really early every morning (time change from NH, I guess), so there was usually a morning walk. Here are some photos of Becky and Lily I took on one of those walks. The weather was spectacular and the mountains were visible all week.
Becky and Lily head down the trail to the UAF Agricultural Farm. The Alaska Range could be seen all week! The weather was just great. Becky and Lily pose from the scenic viewpoint on campus.
Jen, Becky, Lily and I made sure to get some kettle corn at the Farmers' Market.
Not a cloud in the sky. Jen (the bride-to-be!), Becky, and Lily.
We all toured Jen and Dave's house, which Dave is building himself. There's still some finishing work to be done, but it is an adorable house on a wonderful wooded lot. I didn't go up the ladder to get any shots, so these are all of the first level. Upstairs are two bathrooms and two bedrooms.

The outside. Kitchen. Kitchen. Dining area. Living room and ladder to go upstairs. Jen's herb garden on the back deck.

Becky, Lily, and I did find some time to do sight-seeing.
Posing in front to the Chena River at the Riverboat Discovery. Becky and Lily at Pioneer Park. Riding the king salmon!

The rehersal and rehersal dinner were on Thursday (Friday was the 4th of July). Grandma and Grandpa arrived right on time with the camper.

Before the rehersal:
Lily, Becky, Mom, and Grandma Platt. The bride with Grandma and Grandpa (and their RV). The groom!

The rehersal (there was some downtime to take you can see) held at the Lutheran Church on Farmer's Loop Road in Fairbanks.
The bride and groom practice their vows. David said he was wearing a pair of extra socks. Becky takes such a nice picture. Tammy and me (self-portrait). Nathan and me (another self-portrait). Lily and Bethany (the flower-girl).
The rehersal dinner was held at the Cookie Jar Restaurant in Fairbanks.
Bride with nephew William. All smiles!

Nathan steals the spotlight.Mom and Dad. The soon-to-be-all-former Platt girls! The bride and groom after dinner.

There was a day off between the rehersal dinner and the day of the wedding because of the 4th of July. To celebrate we had a BBQ at Nate and Tammy's house, complete with David's family. We had a lot of fun!
Nathan was the grill-master. Fresh red salmon plank-grilled. And, of course, Jen had to ceremoniously open the juicer...she is now the sixth owner. This is a wedding gift that has been handed down as a re-gifted wedding gift since 1998 when Nathan and Tammy got married. Because Jen is the last one to get married...she's stuck with it (unless she wants to hand it down to nieces and nephews someday). William gets a kiss from his great-grandma.

The Day of the Wedding (Saturday), some of the Gehrke girls and I took Jen out to breakfast at the Cookie Jar, then Jen had her nails done, and then came back to the University apartment where Becky and I were staying for lunch and a champagne toast.
Tammy, Jen, me, Kari Gehrke, and Becca Gehrke
(very fun in-laws for Jen to have, by the way).

I don't have any photos of the actual wedding ceremony (I was on duty as the wedding coordinator), so if anyone wants to send me any to post (hint, hint), please do. Here are a few snapshots after the ceremony (which was lovely, by the way). Jen was a stunning bride!

Bride, groom, and flower-girl. Bride, groom, flower-girl, and flower-girl's little brother in a tuxedo.
Jen attempts to get in her car after the ceremony without getting her dress dirty.

The reception was held at the Silver Gulch Brewery in Fox, Alaska. The food was incredible and there was plenty of dancing for all. The hall was a bit warm, but everyone still had a great time.

Mom and Dad celebrate having their last child married! Grandma and Grandpa saw all five of us get married...three of us in Alaska!Lily being as cute as always. The cake. Jen did me the honor of displaying the wedding cake topper she gave Brian who used it on his groom's cake. I think it is more appropriate for Jen than me. :)

A wedding guest scroll from Seth and Michelle in Japan. An excellent idea!! Missed you guys. Becky rocked the limbo contest! (Her hidden talent, she says) The newly weds. Mom and Dad. Nathan and Tammy. Grandma and Grandpa.

Congratulations Jen and Dave! May you live happily ever after!!!

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Congrats to your sister and happy two year anniversary to you two!