Sunday, July 13, 2008

Pup photos

Today we took Mattie (black) and Dawson (chocolate) for a walk/swim at a pond close to our house. They were very happy pups to have the opportunity to cool off in the water and stretch their legs.Mattie's a great retreiver...Dawson doesn't quite have the knack...although he's pretty smart. We'll throw a stick into the middle of the pond, Mattie will swim out to fetch it, and Dawson will wait in the shallow water until Mattie's most of the way back and then he'll steal it and bring it to he had done all the work. We also can't get Dawson to jump up in the back of the truck (see photo). He much prefers being lifted up. He's totally capable of getting in himself, but again, it seems like a lot of work (apparently). Here's video of Brian attemping to encourage Dawson to jump. Notice how easy Mattie "loads up." Dawson did eventually get in by himself...when he was ready.

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Jason said...

Hahaahaaa! I cannot WAIT for you guys to have kids and post a video of Brian yelling "Load up!" with all 15 of them all scrambling into the van.

That video seriously made me laugh here at work. Thanks!