Sunday, July 13, 2008

Camels and pork sandwiches

Brian and I were exploring the local fairgrounds this past Saturday (someone had told us there was a fleamarket there), and ran into these camels. No fleamarket, but they were setting up for the circus. We had a fun weekend, overall. Originally we thought we'd head to Des Moines to celebrate our anniversary, but got caught up putting our new bedroom set together instead. The furniture store delivered all the pieces without problems (dresser, nightstand, bureau, mirror) until we got to the bed frame and mattress set. Turns out a sleigh bed headboard won't fit up our staircase to the second floor...and neither will a queen box spring. We exchanged the box spring for a split one and ended up taking out the door frame to fit the headboard (and a part of one of the steps, but lets not talk about that...there were not photos taken of the ordeal). We were going to take the door door frame out eventually anyway because it seemed silly, though we were thinking a year down the road, not yesterday. Anyway, all is well and we have the bedroom set complete. Here's the headboard and dresser with mirror.
After all that we decided a long drive to Des Moines wasn't in the cards, but we did manage to find the historic Rustix Restuarant in Humboldt, IA which boasts the second best pork tenderloin sandwiches in the state. Brian's a huge fan of pork tenderloin sandwiches, so we took the short drive for dinner. When Brian ordered a new beer they had on tap (a summer wheat) the waitress asked if he wanted the "little" or "big" beer. Being that his manliness was on the line, Brian ordered the big beer. It was nothing to laugh at...surely a meal in itself! The pork tenderloin was just the same- big. Brian said it was very tasty. We also sat next to one of the oldest stone walls (to Brian's left in these photos) in the town. Bragging rights for sure.

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Mom & Dad said...

We got to go there when we visit. Pork Tenderloin. mmmmmmmmmmm