Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Iowa State Fair

We took a drive to Des Moines yesterday to check out the Iowa State Fair. It was a cloudy day with some rain in the morning, so the crowds weren't bad at all. We started by taking a ride on the "Sky Tram", so we could get a feel for the layout of the place. The Iowa State Fair is huge! We spent four hours there and certainly didn't see everything there was to see.

Here are some shots from the Tram.

We also had to sample some fair good. We tried to find mac and cheese on a stick, but were unsuccessful. Thus we had to settle for more traditional foods. Here's Brian with a tasty Gyro and funnel cake. We also tried sweet potato fries and corn dogs (and thus were very full when we left).I liked checking out the animals best. Brian even humored me and we spent some time in the horse building (Brian's terribly allergic to horses...he sniffed a bit afterwards.) There was one building where they had lots of baby animals. In fact, all the baby animals are born while at the fair.
Here's a chick who has just hatched.
There were actually lots and lots and lots of chicks. Day-old piglets.A 2-day old goat (which acted just like a puppy...he was really, really cute)!Hello cow! Here I am petting a big cow (you can't see her calf, but they're both just hanging out letting people pet them).We had a great time! Anyone want to come visit next year and join us?

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