Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Our 1948 CJ-2A

I (Brian) bought a jeep today. Some people might not understand why one would want to seek out and purchase old looking Willys Jeeps. But look at the following photos and maybe one day you too could be a Jeep Junkie!

Here is a photo of the transmission and transfer case for the Jeep I purchased. A keen eye will notice the water marks on the garage floor. One might ask, "does a Jeep use water in the transmission and transfer case?" No, but the Jeep I just purchased had water in it.

One of the great things about buying an old vehical/Jeep is the little extra things you get without even knowing it. My Jeep came with ammo, tools, and pop tops from old beer cans!
Very clean interior considering being built in 1948!

Well here it is in all its glory. I won't do a total restoration on this one. I just want to be able to drive it and have it look somewhat decent. Next on the parts list are some seats and an engine. Hopefully the dogs like riding around in this one as much as they liked riding in the other blue Jeep left behind in Alaska.


Mom and Dad said...

Hey it looks good for a 48. The body looks straight. I'd say more but I know I'll catch flack for my enthusiasm.


Ryan + Louise said...

Ryan wants to move to Iowa and help Brian with the jeep.