Tuesday, November 25, 2008

First snow

We had the first snowfall of the season for Aunt Jean and Uncle Gary's drive out to see us. It was treacherous driving, but very pretty. Here's a photo from our back deck. You can see my wooden puffin hanging out in the snow. He's very happy that summer is over...winter is more his style.


jenrust said...

Snow! So pretty to look at - you have a nice view from your deck!

Joel and Katy said...

Hey you guys! Joel and I finally set up a blog: washedbythewaters.blogspot.com and we'd love to keep up with you guys. It looks like your acreage is AMAZING and you guys obviously take fantastic care of the property. Maybe we'll venture your direction one day and visit! The pups would have fun reuniting, that's for sure! Dawson has gotten so BIG and Handome!!! He was just little when we saw him last. Well, stop by our blog and say hi when you get a chance! Congrats on the new job!