Monday, November 10, 2008

Mattie and Brian's Pheasant Hunt

Sorry this photos are so late being posted. Two weeks ago (okay, maybe three), Brian and I went down to visit Aunt Jean and Uncle Gary in SE Iowa so Brian could do some pheasant hunting with Mattie. Although the hunting wasn't very successful (they only got one bird), we had a great time. I did lots of shopping with Aunt Jean while the boys were out with the dogs.

Here's Brian with Uncle Gary.

Here's Brian with Brian (a fellow hunter from Boston) with Mattie and the one pheasant of the day.Mattie with the bird. Uncle Gary followed by Mattie and one of his dogs. We also found some time to shot clay pigeons. I haven't had the opportunity to shoot clays since college, so it was a lot of fun!
Here's Uncle Gary. Turns out that Brian's a really good shot....I'm a little rusty.
We (and the dogs) had a great weekend!


jenrust said...

Goodness! What fun pictures! I am glad you posted them. Hello Uncle Gary and Aunt Jean!

The boys brought home one bird from their hunting excursion. What about the girls? Was the shopping successful? :)

Hope and Brian said...

Oh yes, the shopping was successful! We went to the cheese factory and Amish grocery stores...and had a fantastic BBQ lunch. :)

Tyler said...

You look like quite the sharpshooter there big guy! Next time you're in town you oughta come grouse hunting with me and Tony.